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  1. Dust Barrier Kit
  2. Case Top Assembly*
  3. Sensor Water Barrier Kit 
  4. Sensors
  5. Inlet Cap*
  6. LCD Assembly**
  7. Audible Speaker Alarm**
  8. Vibration Alarm Motor*
  9. Case Bottom**
  10. Batteries
  11. Batteries
  12. Batteries
  13. Batteries 
  14. Suspender Clip
  15. Screw & Lock Washer for Suspender Clip*
  16. Suspender Clip Spacer*
  17. Lock Washer For Suspender Clip*
  18. Screw For Suspender Clip*

*-Call for part

**-Part not included in the Ventis® Pro Series

Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries Suspender Clip Sensors Water Barrier Batteries