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You'll Never Work Alone Again With Lone Worker Devices 

Stay Connected To Your Workers No Matter Where They Are 

Being a lone worker can be scary, the risks they face are very severe and should be met with the best defense possible. But what is a lone worker? Lone workers are workers who work by themselves or away from others in the immediate area. Lone worker devices are the greatest asset a loan worker can have. The Ventis® Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitors feature communication and employee positioning technologies for every scenario—indoors, outdoors, and remote locations. The technology will alert responders and inform them in real-time. The devices are equipped with a panic alert, if they feel they are in danger. If a sudden emergency occurs such as a fall, the devices registers this and sends a signal through iNet® Now Live Monitoring to the supervisor's phone. Lone worker devices can be customized to include any number of features for greater safety. Those can include, man-down (no-motion) detection; peer-to-peer wireless communication; panic alarm; cloud-hosted software for configuration; and a gas detection compliance dashboard that eliminates manual data collection, review and reporting.


  • Lightweight
  • Custom Settings
  • High Visibility 
  • Reliable 
  • Real-Time Communications